From my second story studio, I see how air currents swirl in every direction.  This simple observation changed to darker thoughts as time passed.  It goes without saying that more frequent storms are a cause for concern.  And one day, I saw a perfect example of strange and fascinating destruction.  A local television station reported a spot tornado nearby.  Video showed woods where all the trees fell in a perfect spiral.  This got me thinking about how the forces of nature move objects that eventually fall and land.
Trees, buildings, cars and everything else slide, shake, fly or spin when earthquakes, floods, tornadoes or hurricanes hit an area.  Falling is a series where shapes land in patterns determined by motion.  I found a way to make the shapes jump, shake, and slide around the surface.  After landing, the shapes transform the panel into a tableau of their movement.  Falling is a meditation on the power of weather and geologic events, phenomena that we experience with increasing frequency and severity.